vibration mounts, vibration isolators, bobbins buffers, AV-Plates

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History of the Company

Trellcan Rubber Ltd. was incorporated on January 19, 1979. The mandate was to provide the North American industry with products and expertise in the field of Noise and Vibration Control.

We are a well recognized supplier of anti-vibration mountings and isolators, bobbins, buffers and AV-Plates to the industrial market under the brand names AV, Novibra and Metalastik.

We offer rubber-to-metal bonded engineering products, anti-vibration mountings for marine, off-highway, industrial, defense and power generation applications.

Our strength is that we can offer a wide range of isolators in combination with the expertise that is needed to achieve a total solution.

As a company we continuously strive to meet the demands of our customers. We are committed to being a leader by ensuring continuous improvement and standing behind our high quality products.

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