vibration mounts, vibration isolators, bobbins buffers, AV-Plates

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Industrial Product Range
Type U™ provides for a stable machine installation and is therefore particulary suitable for the vibration isolation of heavier machinery with relatively high interfering frequencies.
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Novibra® mounting type UH™ is particularly suitable for the suspension of both mobile and static cabins as well as platforms on agricultural vehicles.
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Vee Mountings™
A high load capacity mounting with relatively large rubber volume which provides a high degree of vibration and noise isolation and makes it ideally suited for suspending engines installed in public service and goods vehicles.
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VP™ & UD™ Bushes
For vehicle suspension, pivot arms and all types of mechanical linkage, permits oscillating movement through the deflection of rubber in shear. Can replace roller bearings where small motions are required (up to 20 degrees). Reduces shock loads and noise transmission in structures.

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Novibra type VT™ protects wall-mounted instrument cabinets from vibrations and shocks generated by nearby engines and workshop machinery.
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