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Anti-Vibrations Mounts | AV | Novibra | Metalastik Products - Trellcan Rubber Ltd.
Our mission is to be our customer's preferred choice of industrial solutions for vibration and shock. Our specializes in Anti-Vibrations Mounts, AVNovibra, Metalastik, Vibration Mounts and Rubber Isolaters.

Serving North America since 1979, we supply rubber to metal bonded components for anti-vibration application and suspension systems used in marine, off-highway, industrial, defense and power generation applications.  Our strength is that we can offer a wide range of isolators in combination with the specialized expertise that is needed to achieve a total solution.

All machinery vibrates and causes noise and structure-borne sound.  Two vibration problems are never alike.  The working environment can be improved, which among other things means fewer industrial injuries to the people who work with the machinery.  The economical benefits of our natural rubber and steel products are considerable, less wear, lower maintenance costs and increased lifetime of the machinery.

All of our products are manufactured according to ISO Standards; with all our compounds produced in house. 

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